Welcome to the Online User Guide. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with procedures you need to complete tasks, to help you in quickly locating information, and to make accessing tools and views as easy as possible.

HTML and PDF versions of the NCM Online Help are as follows :

Note: Voyence University is now discontinued and you will not be able to launch or access Voyence University from the user interface.
  1. Select Welcome to Network Configuration Manager, and review each of the items contained within that book to further introduce you to the application.

    Click the Introducing the User Interface book, and review the information (topics) contained within that section as well.

  2. To review more information offered within the Online User Guide, select Accessing Help and Additional Documents. Contained within that book is a complete glossary of terms and acronyms, along with definitions of tools and features. Also included is a Reference Library where additional Network Configuration Manager documents are stored and can be accessed.

  3. After reviewing the information referred to in Steps 3, 4 and 5, click the book for your appropriate user type from the following options:
  • END USER - Getting Started

  • SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR - Getting Started


Each user-named section has the information you need to complete specific tasks, and to gather additional Network and Device information.