Important: Your Networks may not be configured to handle certain protocols for supported devices. If you choose, you can enable or disable communications to your network devices using specific communication protocol methods.

To adjust the device class protocols,

  1. From the menu bar, select Tools.

  2. From the menu options, select System Administration. The System Administration window opens.

  3. On the tree menu, expand the Networks -> Access folders.

  4. Select Device Classes . The Network Managed Device Classes configuration window populates the right pane.

  5. Select a row (listing the Device Class and the Primary Protocol) . When highlighted, the Enable or Disable fields show any protocols that are active/deactivated for the device class.


    Note: By default the Use SNMP check box is selected. If you choose not to use SNMP, un-check this check box.
  6. To make changes to the Protocols section, disable the device class by un-checking the check box, then select another Mechanism from the listing to the right.

    • Adjust the priority of the protocols

    • Enable or Disable protocols

  7. Click Apply when you have select a Mechanism from the list.

  • This window allows you to:

To change the priority of the listed protocols,

  1. Select a protocol from the list. Based on its location in the list, the Up and Down arrows activate.

  2. Using the Up/Down arrows move the selected protocol to the new location. The top-most protocol is used as the default.

  3. If you are enabling or disabling protocols, proceed to the next step. Or, if no other changes are required, click OK. The Manage Devices - [Device Class Name] window closes.

To enable and disable device protocols,

  1. If you are enabling a protocol, in the Enable column, check the boxes of the approved protocols .

  2. If you are disabling a protocol, in the Enable column, de-select the check box.

  3. If no other changes are required, click OK. The Manage Devices - [Device Class Name] window closes.

  4. When all changes have been completed on the Network Managed Device Classes window, click Apply.