If your System Administrator has set up Network Configuration Manager to use RSA Token Credentials, you are prompted to set your RSA Token PINs when you login for the first time (after you are assigned new RSA Tokens).

  1. When prompted to set your RSA Token PINs, click Yes.
    Figure 1. Confirm token pin dialog box
  2. From the list of RSA tokens, select a RSA token. RSA tokens that have not had the PIN set, show as Required under the PIN column.
  3. At the bottom of the Manage RSA Tokens pane, select Set PIN. The Set PIN window (for the user you selected) now opens.
    Figure 2. Change token pin dialog box
  4. At the Set PIN screen, enter a valid PIN in the New PIN box.
  5. Enter the PIN again in the Confirm PIN box.
  6. Click Ok.