What is Network Configuration Manager?

  • An automated compliance, change and configuration management solution that delivers industry-recognized best practices

  • A collaborative network infrastructure design, controlled change processes, network device,and service configuration transparency, and compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements–to enable you to ensure the security, availability, and operational efficiency of your network

  • An automated support for all facets of the network infrastructure lifecycle, seamlessly integrating critical design, change, and compliance management requirements

With Network Configuration Manager you can:


  • Design new virtual networks based on existing designs with Network Configuration Manager's exclusive Virtual Design Workspace

  • Collaborate securely in real time -- thanks to complete role-based security

  • Employ intelligent automation to create large-scale designs--error free, in a fraction of the time

  • Audit designs before deployment for compliance with corporate policy and government regulatory standards


  • Realize significant improvements in the availability and constancy of services

  • Use "Golden Configs" to create templates for new device deployments

  • Virtually eliminate standard change errors

  • Address standard and non-standard changes, and leverage all team members to complete routine and complex tasks with ITIL-compliant change processes and workflow approvals

  • Adapt the configuration tool to your processes with integrations to popular workflow, trouble ticketing, and help desk solutions

Ensure Compliance

  • Design, enforce and report on adherence to complex policies

  • Enforce policies over the entire domain--or just one network, site or subnet

  • Demonstrate on-demand compliance, and its change/control process

  • Report on historical compliance of the managed infrastructures using the configurations and policies in place on the date selected