The PostgreSQL access list is automatically configured by the Network Configuration Manager installer. Use this procedure to manually edit the access list.


  1. Open the [Product_Directory]/db/controldb/data/pg_hba.conf.
    Scroll to the bottom of the file and locate the md5 entries.
  2. Add a new trusted IP address by inserting a new line. For example, host all all <IP address>/32 md5
    Replace <IP address> with the IP address you are giving access to.
  3. Save and then Close the file.
  4. Stop the Sysadmin service (Linux): systemctl stop sysadmin
  5. Stop the ncm-as service (Linux):
    • Linux: systemctl stop ncm-as
  6. Start the Sysadmin service (Linux): systemctl start sysadmin
  7. Restart the controldb service (Linux):
    • Linux: systemctl restart controldb
  8. Start the ncm-as service (Linux):
    • Linux: systemctl start ncm-as

What to do next

Additional information about pg_hba.conf can be found at: