Product Description

VMware Smart Assurance Network Configuration Manager (NCM) is:

  • An automated compliance, change and configuration management solution that delivers industry-recognized best practices.

  • A collaborative network infrastructure design that controls change processes, provides network device and service configuration transparency, and ensures compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements — to enable you to ensure the security, availability, and operational efficiency of your network.

  • An automated support for all facets of the network infrastructure lifecycle, seamlessly integrating critical design, change, and compliance management requirements.

What's New

With VMware Smart Assurance Network Configuration Manager 10.1.13 release, the following changes are introduced.

  • Third-party software components upgraded to mitigate the vulnerabilities.

  • Added support for RHEL 9 platform.

  • STIG vulnerability (ID V-214287) has been addressed.

  • Added an API example to add device in bulk to workspace.

Third-party software component upgrades

Following third-party software components are upgraded in Smart Assurance Network Configuration Manager 10.1.13:

  • Apache Tomcat is upgraded to 9.0.80

  • Apache Tomcat APR is upgraded to 1.7.4

  • org.apache.felix.framework is upgraded to 7.0.5

  • GSoap is upgraded to 2.8.129

  • Postgres is upgraded to 15.3

  • Snakeyaml is upgraded to 2.0

  • Jasperreports is upgraded to 6.20.6

  • Xalan is upgraded to 2.7.3

  • Spring Framework is upgraded to 5.3.28

  • Spring Security Config and Crypto are upgraded to 5.8.4

  • Spring Security Core and Web are upgraded to 5.8.6

  • OpenJDK-11 is upgraded to 11.0.21

  • OpenJDK-8 is upgraded to 1.8.0_392

NOTE : Third-party software component upgrade is not applicable for the jars coming from 9.6 Report Advisor and InstallAnywhere.

For Open Source License(OSL) file open_source_licenses.txt, navigate to <VOYENCE_HOME>/osl directory.

Platform Support

Added support for following RHEL versions:

  • RHEL 9.0, 9.1, and 9.2

  • RHEL 8.7, 8.8, and 8.9

The VMware Smart Assurance Network Configure Manager Support Matrix available from the VMware Support website provides the latest platform and interoperability information. For detailed information about platform support and interoperability, refer support matrix for your release.

Note: In NCM 10.1.13 release, some of the document(s) do not require modification. The older version document(s) are released as it is.

Fixed Issues

  • SMARTA-2558 / SR 23477193110: In-band cutthru seems to initiate, but then closes with no error in Windows 2019.

  • SMARTA-2504 / SR 23460975609: NCM Application Server debug level logging steps need to be updated in the documentation.

  • SMARTA-2339 / SR 23425584504: NCM 10.1.6 GUI is not accessible after restoring the NCM 10.1.0 database.

  • SMARTA-2193 / SR 23399997501: NCM Device Server Log Size is not modifying after changing the parameters in logs.cfg.

  • SMARTA-2115 / SR 22378641911: NCM 10.1.8 sysadmin console does not launch.

  • SMARTA-2250 / SR 23404864502: Unable to remove workspaces from NCM 10.1.4 deployment.

  • SMARTA-2271 / SR 23421225904: STIG vulnerability (ID V-214287) detected on $VOYENCE_HOME/conf/server.key

  • SMARTA-2295 / SR 23424757204: Device configurations for Juniper device class gets incorrectly mapped in push jobs

  • SMARTA-2290 / SR 23424133204: Sel Switch driver isn't providing a complete response during authentication

  • SMARTA-2146 / SR 22389954812: Error reported in script

Known Issues

  • NCM Prerequisite check is not catching correctly. It is resulting an error for few modules even though they are installed.

    The following modules verification fails when is run from NCM ISO mount path on RHEL 9.x: mod_ssl, telnet, and compat-openssl11.  

    These errors can be ignored if the modules are already installed.

  • Not able to download Java from NCM web page https://x.x.x.x/winindex.html.

    Users can use the existing Java in the client machine to launch NCM or they can use the NCM UI client to launch NCM. 

  • After rebooting the VM, some vcmaster services are not running.

    This behavior is inconsistent. Run the command systemctl restart vcmaster after system reboot.

  • JMS exception 'Caused by: org.apache.activemq.transport.TransportDisposedIOException: peer (vm://localhost#1) stopped.' occurred in powerup log and server log when the system is rebooted.

    There is no functional impact and the error can be ignored.

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