This section describes about the necessary configuration changes in SAM (Service Assurance Manager), to get the nitifications from vRealize Operations.

Configuration changes in SAM,

  1. Go to, <SAM-Basedir>/smarts/local/conf/clientConnect.conf file and edit the clientConnect.conf file, by entering the following lines:




    You must add the line under Program Access and above "\\*:\\*:admin.

    Note: When you upgrade from10.x to, before starting the OI server, add the DCF and vROps information in the <SAM-Basedir>/smarts/local/conf/clientConnect.conf file in the following format:



  2. Go to, <SAM-Basedir>/smarts/local/conf/icoi/kafka_adapter.conf and edit the kafka_adapter.conf file by modifying the following parameters:

    EnableKafkaSubscription TRUE

    BrokerInfo <kafka_host>:kafka_port

    Topic <topic_name>

    DccServer DccServerIP:DccServer_port

    DccProtocol HTTPS

    vROPSServer vROPSServerIP:vROPS_port

    vROPSProtocol HTTPS

    Note: When you upgrade from 10.x to, before starting the OI server, rename the kafka_adapter.conf file to kafka_adapter.conf_backup , in the path <Basedir>/smarts/local/conf/icoi/kafka_adapter.conf and follow step 2.

Installation of vROps Collector enables user to subscribe to All or Performance or Compliance alerts that are coming from vROps. This reduces the unnecessary events flow from vROps to SAM.


If subscribe for All alerts, you can filter it further to see only Performance alerts by adding filter as category ==performance in the SAM console.

To apply the necessary configuration changes, start OI server when you are using it for the first time.

Later, you can change the subscription level or you can change any variable. To get into effect, run the cmd:

<dmctl> invoke GA_Driver::vROPS_Alerts_Adapter-Driver start