Create a new group under Device Access tab and assign Data Collector Access Setting. This group does not select any device in the topology. So, leave the Matching Criteria for it empty. The description of the fields are below:
Parameters Description
AccessProtocol Select HTTPS.
HostnameOrIPAddress Provide the IP address of the data collector.
Note: In case of standalone DCF installation, use the IP where the webeservice gateway is running. In case of VMware Telco Cloud Operations setup use the IP of the nginx node.
Login Provide the username for accessing the data collector. Default value is LoginID.
Password Provide the password for accessing the data collector.
PortNumber Provide the port number.
Note: The default value for a standalone DCF is 8443. For VMware Telco Cloud Operations setup it is 443.
Timeout Provide the timeout details.
Note: For setup using VMware Telco Cloud Operations, provide the master node IP address. The default port is 443.