The Server Manager provides these basic Software-Defined Networks management services:

  • Provides networks virtulaization using NSX (NSX-V and NSX-T are the different version of NSX).

  • Provides end-to-end visibility into SDN-based data center infrastructure. Server Manager discovers control clusters and their related components, NSX Managers, EdgeGateways, logical routers, and logical switches, in addition to the physical host and networking components discovered by IP Manager.

  • Monitors and diagnoses the availability failures in the core fabric and assesses the impacts on an NSX-defined virtualized network.

  • Generates events when systems and components are down or unreachable. For example, the Server Manager generates an Unreachable event if all virtual interfaces on a virtual machine are disconnected.

  • Provides data to the Global Manager so that it can display maps of the logical and physical connectivity of routers, switches, and controller infrastructure in the Global Console.

Note: NSX-T components discovery can be controlled by the flag IsNSX_T in ESM.import file. By default the flag is set to TRUE. If you dont want NSX-T components to be discovered in Server Manager set the flag to FALSE in ESM.import file.