Set the performFullDiscovery attribute to False and the performFullDiscoveryThreshold attribute to 300 minutes, so that the Server Manager discovers only the new devices if the last Server Manager discovery occurred less than 5 hours ago.

You need to log in with VMware Smarts administrator credentials to access the Configure menu.

To set the Server Manager attributes to control discovery:

  1. Open the Service Assurance Manager Global Console attached to the Server Manager (INCHARGE-ESM, by default).

  2. In the Topology Browser Console, select Configure > Domain Manager Administration Console.

  3. In the Domain Manager Administration Console topology tree, expand the ESM_Manager class and select your ESM server instance (for example, ESM-Manager).

  4. In the Attributes tab, locate these attributes and set their Value field as follows:

    • performFullDiscovery — Set to FALSE.

      • performFullDiscoveryThreshold — Set to 300 (minutes).

  5. Click Apply.