Whether tuning of VMware Smart Assurance software is required is directly related to the capabilities of the equipment where the VMware Smart Assurance products are installed.

When a deployment is installed on equipment with resource calculated using the formulas in “Determine resources required to support the deployment” on page 45, tuning is usually not required. But performance should be monitored to ensure that there are no issues.

Regardless of the size of your deployment, always monitor its performance. If tuning is required, remember that tuning your deployment is an ongoing process that should be performed regularly. Network changes can potentially affect the performance of the IP Manager: if you add, remove, or relocate network equipment, review the performance metrics.

Never waste resources by tuning a partial deployment — adjustments made during a partial deployment will usually be inappropriate for a complete deployment.

Appendix C, “CPU Estimates for Single-threaded Tasks,” provides additional details.