If you are upgrading from M&R 6.6u1/6.7u1/6.8u2/6.8u5, you may make use of a new method for importing certificates into the trust store for use in LDAP, device discovery, or other secure communication. If you are leveraging SSL communications and have previously imported certificates into the product to enable this, you may need to perform a one-time operation to re-import them using this new method. Once you have done this, the import will persist across future upgrades.

Note: If you have already imported the certificates using this method, you do not need to import them again. This procedure will validate that you have done so.


  1. Check to see if there are any certificate files located at <APG_HOME>/Java/Sun-JRE/<version>/customcerts. If so, your certificates will be automatically migrated during the update, and you can skip the next step.
  2. If there are not any certificate files in this location, then any certificates you previously added manually will not persist across the upgrade to M&R 7.0u8. You should perform a one-time re-import of the certificates file as described in the "Importing custom certificates into the JRE" section of the M&R Security Configuration Guide. For moving self-signed certificate to CA certificate, refer to "Configuring HTTPS with certificates signed by a certificate authority" section of the M&R Security Configuration Guide.