If you are upgrading from M&R 6.5u4, and you saved the certificates file, you now have two choices.

You may either restore the file manually, or follow the directions in the "Importing custom certificates into the JRE" section of theM&R Security Configuration Guide. This allows importing these certificates using the new mechanism. VMware Smart Assurance recommends this, but if you are unable to follow that procedure, you may restore the certificates file using the following steps.


  1. Go to the directory where the upgraded version of Java was installed: ${APG INSTALL DIRECTORY}/Java/Sun-JRE/<new Java version>/lib/security
    For example, cd /opt/APG/Java/Sun-JRE/<new Java version>/lib/security
  2. Save the current certificates file.
    For example, cp cacerts cacerts.bak
  3. Restore the original cacerts file containing your certificates.
    For example, cp /var/tmp/cacerts cacerts
  4. Restart the tomcat service.
    For example, ${APG INSTALL DIRECTORY}/bin/manage-modules.sh service restart tomcat Default