If you are using custom drivers developed by Device Driver Toolkit to discover the devices, and later if you get an VMware Certified device driver, you have to delete the devices that are discovered by the custom drivers and rediscover those devices using VMware Certified device driver. Ensure that the VMware Certified device driver has the higher priority to discover the devices than the custom driver. The priority of the VMware Certified driver can be changed in the .dasl files under [Product directory]/package/<device_class>.

In the .dasl file, you can change the priority in the line:

deviceDriver("<Driver name>":<unique driver ID>:<priority>)

<priority> is a numeric value. A lower number indicates highest priority. Numeric one (1) is the lowest number that indicates highest priority.

For example,

deviceDriver("Cisco IOS Switch":2:1)

Restart Network Configuration Manager voyence service using the command service voyence restart after changing the priority.