This section includes the steps required to implement and preserve existing customizations, as well as describing the process for changing prompts and the events recognized.


This information is also available in the install under [Product directory]/package/customizationREADME.txt.

  • The device server architecture allows local customizations to device drivers and control/data files in a directory separate from the distribution directory. This enables customers to create modified versions of these files without altering the files distributed with the product.

  • By creating copies of the distributed files and making modifications to the copies, customers are insulated from the possibility of having their customizations overwritten during the application of maintenance, or in future product releases.

  • This feature is provided using a custompackage directory, which can be searched prior to the device driver package directory distributed with the software. Device drivers or control files found in the custompackage directory are used; if they are absent, the system defaults to using the files from the device driver package directory distributed with the software.

Officially released hotfixes, and other driver components will always be installed in the package directory, and not in the custompackage directory.