The following existing device issues have been discovered with other releases. In most cases, a resolution is included to address the issue.

Intermec MobileLAN

  • Configlets and termlets are not supported, since the device is menu oriented with almost no command-line interface. The lack of configlets and termlets results in no remediation and diagnostic support.

  • This device supports only one session at a time. Any session established to the device while a pull or credential roll is attempted, will cause the job to fail with a message referencing the inability to establish a session.

  • All configuration changes, including credential rolls, require a save and reboot of the device. The current driver does this for each credential roll, as a current limitation.

  • The TFTP PUT command fails with the message File not found, making file transfer of the binary configuration to the server unworkable. This prevents normal pull/push configuration management.

  • ARP and Static Routes are only available using SNMP.

  • Memory and Hardware Inventory are only available using Terminal.