The following details existing device issues that have been discovered with other releases. A resolution is included to address the issue, if available.

  • Passwords cannot be pulled with the SCP protocol due to the device behavior. The FTP management for this file is currently working, but could fail in the future firmware releases. So, the file is listed as optional for a complete Device Configuration State.

  • SNMP community information is encrypted in both the configuration and command output, so instance 0 must be used for management.

  • The device telnet server only permits one connection. So, the device operations will fail if another session is already established to the device. Unless SSH is enabled on the device and "ssh 0 nb_listen 1" is present in the running configuration, SSH access does not exhibit this behavior.

  • The device supports private key files on flash, but they are not retrievable.

  • Alternate configuration or password files are not supported, as NCM architecture does not have the ability to conditionally specify the non-volatile configuration for comparison purposes. Power-up profile 0 must be used.