The database-utility script performs database maintenance operations. This script allows you to archive, restore, and purge particular types of data that may grow to a very large size under normal operating conditions. Archiving and/or purging improves application performance by lowering the amount of data that needs to be processed.

Here are the types of data to archive in Network Configuration Manager:

  • auditHistory : Audit Data

  • events: Common Event Log (CEL) events

  • jobs: Scheduler Jobs

  • revisions: Device Configuration Revisions

    The modes of operations for database-utility are:

  • Archive: Moves selected data from the application schema to the archive schema, resulting in better application performance.

  • Purge: Removes selected data from the archive schema, resulting in smaller database backups.

    The command purge ra is also supported; it does not need any arguments. It removes excess data from report tables (cm_rpt_*). It is equivalent to the RA purge script.

  • Restore: Moves selected data from the archive schema back into the application schema.

  • Prune: Removes selected data directly from the application schema, resulting in better application performance and smaller database backups.

  • Delete: Deletes selected revisions directly from the voyence schema. (This mode is equivalent to the vc_purge_revisions_timebased script.) This mode accepts the time_interval for which to retain the data and also the minimum number of revisions to maintain per device