Once the scripts have been installed on the SAM server, they must be configured as client tools. Client tools are configured from the Global Manager Administration Console.

The client tools provide contextual launch capability in SAMs from the Notification Browser, the Topology Browser, and the Map View of the Topology Browser.

Before configuring the client tools, there are some items to note on the Network Configuration Manager contextual launch. Contextual launch happens through a URL in a browser. Once fed to the browser, the web start mechanism takes over and begins loading the Network Configuration Manager application from the server. When using the Contextual Launch feature, keep the following in mind.

  • Usually, you are required to login for each launch of the Network Configuration Manager application. This contextual launch uses a special launch file that allows use of the “Remember Me” feature, so users do not have to log in each time.

  • The Network Configuration Manager application should be closed after each use of the launch so that:

    • The application is ready to launch to the appropriate location on the next use

    • The extra device information readily available from Network Configuration Manager is not left on the screen if the operator leaves their workstation

      Once in the Global Manager Administration Console, ensure that it is attached to the SAM application, by ensuring the drop-down box Manager, is pointing to INCHARGE-SA.

      For each of the client tools the set of steps are the same, but the values are different. See the specific parameters for each client tool located in the “Client tools” on page 188, and then follow these steps:




Under Tools > Client right-click, and select New Client Tool.


Type the name of the client tool in the Client Tool text box, and click Next.


Select the program from the drop-down list.


  • Select the profiles you want to add. The admin-profile must be one of the selected profiles.

  • Click Next.


Select the appropriate value for the Context object in the drop-down. For example, ICIM_Notification.


  • Use the plus-sign (+) to create the context criteria. These are listed below for each client tool.

  • Click Next.


Ensure that the Context object for the Status criteria is the same as the previous screen. Click Next.


Do not add any parameters. Click Finish.

After you enter client tools, read the information in the VMware Smart Assurance Service Assurance Manager Operator Guide on how SAM picks up the changes for the appropriate platform.