The first and most important part of any good disaster recovery plan is to ensure your critical application data is completely backed up on a regular basis, and the data is ready for restoration in the event of data loss, data corruption, or disaster recovery.

Your installation of Network Configuration Manager comes with a set of backup and restoration utilities pre-configured to backup the critical data in your environment. These utilities are set up during installation on your Application server to create nightly backups consisting of all information within the Network Configuration Manager application needed to fully recover your environment.

Information contained here introduces you to these utilities, their use in the Network Configuration Manager distributed architecture environment, and their integration into your overall corporate disaster recovery plan.


It is not within the scope of this document to discuss the backup or disaster recovery for the operating systems or any application software within the Network Configuration Manager server environments. Your corporate disaster recovery processes are unique to your environment, and are based on your overall IT process needs. The Network Configuration Manager back up and restore utilities are constructed to compliment your existing sever OS and application software restoration processes, and not attempt to replace them.