Your implementation of Network Configuration Manager is designed to scale to the needs of your network environment, supporting a separate Application server and one or more Device servers. Depending on the size of your network, your Application server and Device server may exist on a single hardware platform, or be dispersed geographically across multiple hardware platforms.

Regardless of your environment, the data management capabilities of Network Configuration Manager will ensure that the backup and restore utilities collect all the data required to fully recreate your network environment in the case of data loss.

While both your Application server and Device servers store data about your network environment, only the Application server needs to be part of your data backup strategy, saving untold hours and resources required to backup Device servers that may be distributed across your network and the globe.

This is accomplished by storing configuration data about your Device servers within the Application server itself. In the unforeseen instance when a Device server is lost or corrupted, a clean Device server can download the identity of the lost Device server from your Application server, and take over all device management for the lost Device server.

Information about your Device servers is stored in the Network Configuration Manager Application server Database, and is captured along with all other application data using your pre-installed Network Configuration Manager backup and restore utilities.