The Network Configuration Manager Integration Adapters output data is in the form of events. These are a subset of the events in the event manager used to track all activities occurring in the system. Many of these events are then available to external programs or applications through various transports.

The following integration adapters are available:

  • SNMP (Traps or MIBs)

  • SMTP (Email)

  • JMS (An asynchronous messaging protocol)

  • File (Simple file output)

    The integration adapters listen to the internal Network Configuration Manager events, and transform them into a form appropriate for the transport. For example, an event is transformed into a MIB structure for the SNMP adapters, and is also transformed into an XML document for the JMS adapters.

    The SNMP, File, and Email adapters have filters that allow an administrator to choose the events that will be output by the adapters. See “Updating configuration using the JMiniX Console” on page 199. This is a common administrative task.

    The format of this data can be customized. This is considered an advanced configuration task for experienced users.

    The JMS adapter is different than the other adapters, in that there is no filtering or customization, because it is the basis of the other adapters. A listener to the JMS adapter is advised to only acknowledge events in which they are interested. The code samples in the API area show examples of selectively listening to JMS messages.

    The following sections on administration and customization apply to the SNMP, SMTP, and File integration adapters, but not to a JMS adapter.