The Networks Navigation view is where all the Networks are listed. This also gives you access to the listing of Devices within that Network, along with access to Sites, Views, and Workspaces that have been created within that Network.


Note: The Favorites folder (also associated to a specific Network) is used to store shortcuts to Network views or Workspaces you use most often.

Networks are containers for a collection of devices. While devices within a Network generally have a common association, such as customer or location, there may not be any relation to devices in a Network Configuration Manager Network.

Devices are associated with a Network through two methods:

  • Network Auto Discovery

  • Device assignment

The Network sub-containers, consist of the following:

  • Favorites - A storage facility for the Favorites you select

  • Devices - A listing of all devices associated with a Network

  • Sites - A hierarchy representing the physical location and relationships of devices in the Network

  • Views - A folder structure containing a group of logical devices associations. Views can be both statically or dynamically constructed.

  • Workspaces - A folder structure for storing "work in progress" designs of Network devices before deployment into the Network. Workspaces can contain copies of existing deployed devices, or virtual devices to be deployed.