To create a view:

  1. In the Networks navigation tree, right-click Views.

  2. From the menu options, select Add View.

    The New View window opens.

  3. In the New View window, enter the view name. There are three options for how the view will display when opened.

    • Dynamic - (based on the device count. This will open in either the diagram or table view, depending on the device count). Note that this is the default.

    • Diagram - layout using device icons

    • Table - layout of device properties in table format

  4. To change the default setting, select a new visualization (view) option.

  5. To add devices to the view, click Device Membership. The Device Membership window opens.    

The Device Membership window contains three tabs:


Allows you to filter devices by setting conditions based on the device type, name, vendor, or model, or other criteria, and then save the filter settings


Allows you to select from a list of all the available network devices


Allows you to select from a list of queries

To filter devices:

  1. Click Add Condition. A row is added in the Device Filter section. Determine if you want to use the And/ Or for the filter, then select accordingly.

  2. Click once inside the Attributes column, the attributes the devices can be defined by are displayed.

  3. Select an Attribute from the list.

  4. Click once inside the Operator column. Select an Operator from the list.

  5. Double-click once inside the Expression column. Select from the available options (if provided), or enter an expression. Enter the Expression that defines the attribute.

  6. If entering more than one filter, click Add Condition. A new row is added to the Device Filter section.

  7. To add additional filters, repeat steps 1-6.

  8. When the filters are set, click Preview. A preview of the filtered results displays in the Filter Result Preview window.

  9. When finished setting the filter, click OK. The Device Membership window closes. The filter devices display in the selected view. 

  To select from a static list of network devices:

  1. In the Device Membership window, select the Static tab.


    The Static tab contains two columns:

  2. Using the Add and Remove buttons, create a list of static devices from the selections in each list.

  3. When finished, click OK. The Membership Device window closes.

  4. On the New View window, click OK. The New View window closes, and the created view opens, allowing you to review the configuration.

Network Device List

Here are the devices that are associated with your network. These devices are available even if they are not set up in a site hierarchy.

Static Device List

These are the devices that are used in a defined view.

 To use the Form tab:

  1. From this tab, first click the Template drop-down, and then select a template from the list.

  2. If you are not using a pre-defined template, make selections from the Table drop-down.


  3. Click the Insert  icon to insert a table.

  4. Add an Alias, and also a Previous Alias or Expression .

  5. Select a Navigation.

  6. Check to Allow Nulls if needed.

To complete the Selection section:

  1. Insert a line, then select a Type, Alias, Column and Operator from the drop-down arrow menus.

  2. Enter a Value, then click Ok.

Important: Ensure you note the red warning signs and information. You must make sure those errors are gone before clicking OK to continue.

To complete the Columns section:

  1. First determine the columns you wanted added, then select them from the listing.

  2. Next, use the Add or Add All to move the selected columns into the right pane.  

  3. Click Ok.

  4. Now, back at the Filter tab, click Apply.