1. To create a New System folder, you must first select the Automation Library.

  2. When the Library Manager opens, right-click on System, then select New -> Folder .


  3. At the New Folder window, enter a Folder name, then click Ok.


A folder is created under the System folder. If the Automation Library Editor is already open, it displays the folder name.


Important: You can make any changes to the exiting name if needed, and then click Save while in the Editor.

Once a Folder is created, you can complete tasks using the right-click options.

  • Click on the Folder name, then:

  • Click Edit to edit the name of the Folder.

  • Click Delete to delete a Folder. Click Ok at the confirmation message.

  • Click Import to go to the Open window, and select an item to import into the Folder.

  • Click Refresh to refresh the list of Folders after changes.