To Add an Out-of-Band Server,

  1. From the Network Out-of-Band Server window, click Add. TheAdd Out-of-Band Server window opens.


    The following fields are available.  Note that the required fields are identified by an asterisk (*).


  2. Complete the setup of the out-of-band server options, as needed.

  3. When finished, click OK. The Add Out-of-Band Server window closes.



Server Name

The name of the server being used for out-of-band access

Server Type

The type of server being used. Current options:   - Modem Pool Settings   - Terminal Settings

Modem Pool Settings

Based on the selected server type, the available fields are:


Telnet or SSH

IP Address:

IP address used for connection


The Port Number

Modem Pool Requires Authentication

The Modem Pool Requires Authentication check box should only be used if you have configured a User name and Password access security in Shared Credentials.

You can also select from the listing of Shared Credentials using the drop-down arrow to see the list.

The configured out-of-band server is listed in the Out-of-Band Server window.