From the Navigation tree you can access other windows to work within sites, and you can complete tasks using the right-click feature.

To use the right-click features in Sites (in the Networks Navigation),

  1. In the tree menu, right-click Sites.


  2. You can complete the following using the right-click features: 

  3. Add Site - this opens the New Site window where you can designate a Site

  4. Delete - this allows you to select a Site, then right-click and select Delete

  5. Move to - this takes you to the Move To window where you can then move the Site within the Network

  6. Manage Devices - this takes you to the Manage Devices window where you can add or remove devices

  7. Refresh - this refreshes your Sites view

  8. Properties - this takes you to the Properties window where you can enter information pertaining to the Site