You can set the number of devices you want to work with using the Command Line Interface feature.

Accessing the Command Line Interface

  • SSH to the application server machine.

  • Enter cd to change the directory to $VOYENCE_HOME/tools/bulk-import, and press Enter.

  • At the command prompt, enter, then press Enter.

  • At the next command prompt, enter your User Name and Password.  See the following prompts: 

  • Enter User Name: where you enter the user name.

  • Enter Password: where you enter the password.

  • After entering the User Name and Password, press Enter.

Note: This is the same User Name and Password you use to access the Network Configuration Manager application. The Command Line Interface feature is now started by displaying a command prompt cmd>.

Determining the Number of Devices (per Transaction)

You can change the number (the value) of devices that can be handled during a single transaction.

  1. First, you must access the file. (See steps 1 through 3 in Accessing the Command Line Interface procedures detailed above.)

  2. Determine if your system has a high load of activity during the Importing process. If so, you should tailor the number of devices you want to import accordingly.

  3. Change the number in the -DdevicesPerTransaction=1000 parameter, to the number of devices you want to import.

Important: The default is currently set for 1000, meaning that one transaction completes for a maximum of 1,000 devices. You can set the parameter for any number you choose . For example, if you change the number in -DdevicesPerTransaction=5000, the system accepts this 5000 number. However, the transaction is completed on only 1000 devices at one time. You would then actually have 5 transactions completed. The transactions always take place for 1000 devices at one time , but completes as many times as needed to meet the number of devices you entered in the parameter.