Instead of recreating a job and tasks, an existing scheduled job can be copied, edited, and then scheduled as new.

Using the Schedule Manager, the following tasks can be completed:

  • Copy an existing job, edit, and reschedule

  • Edit an existing recurring job

  • Delete an existing recurring job

  • Filter the list to display specific job types

  • Approve or reject recurring jobs

  • Review the details of a recurring job

To copy a scheduled job,

  1. From the menu bar, select Tools - > Schedule Manager.

  2. On either the Job View or the Recurring Series tab, select a job. The grayed out icons in the toolbar now activate.

  3. Click the copyicon Copy icon . The Schedule Copy Pull Job window opens.




    The Copied Job ID number indicates that this job is a copy of an existing job.


  4. After you have entered the new Job Name, then go to the Schedule Job section of the window to Submit this job.



  5. If needed, click the Notification tab and add users, add email addresses, and select the notification states for users who need to be notified of the new job.