The following details the user rights within Network Configuration Manager, and the details of each permission.

Note: The information noted here may not include all permissions.

At the Network Level:


Permission Details

Manage User Access

Add/Remove users to the Network/Device Level permissions

Manage Templates

Add/Delete/Edit Templates (non-Global)

Manage Compliance Standards

Manage non-Global Automation Library entries

Network Edit

View Device Servers, Maintenance windows, IP Address Pools, Auto Discovery, Network Level Credentials, Device Classes, Device manage

Network Delete

Delete the selected Network

Network View

View Network from the Main window, receive Reports

Workspace Create

Create a Workspace view

Workspace Edit

Edit the Workspace view

Workspace View

View the Workspace from the Main window

Device Create

Create a Device in a Network

Device Edit

Disable mode Cut-through, saved commands, resync, and Quick Commands

Device View Details

Show tab information in the Properties tab, run Report

Device View Passwords

Enable mode Cut-through, Bulk Import Credentials

Device Update Operating System

Update the Device Operating System

Job Schedule

Network level Schedule jobs (overrides the System Level job Schedule)

Job Approve

Network level Approve/Cancel jobs (overrides the System level job Approval)

View Create

Create a custom View for a Network

View Edit

Required to View the Custom views

View Delete

Delete custom Views for the Network

System Permissions:


Permission Details

Manage User/Groups

Administrate Users and Groups

Manage User Access

Can change Permissions for Users/Groups

Manage Templates

Can manage Templates

Manage Compliance Standards

Can manage Compliance Standards

Manage OS Inventory

Can manage OS Inventory

Network Create

Create new Network (cannot assign Device Servers)

Job Schedule

Schedule jobs in all Networks with Network rights

Job Approve

Approve jobs in all Networks with Network rights

System Administration

Allows Global Credential access, Manage Global Automation Library, Bulk Import Credentials