The following are common questions when installing or upgrading Network Configuration Manager.



Do the files need to be downloaded to a particular directory?

The product can be installed from any directory on the server or from the CD.

What do I input when the installer prompts me for a license key?

Each customer is supplied with a file containing their license key.

Enter the full path to the license file key, or browse to the location of the license file key if you are using the GUI mode of the installer.

After installing, I see several uninstall directories under [Product Home]/software/.

Do I need to run each of these to uninstall?

The Uninstall_Core uninstaller will remove the core Network Configuration Managerproduct and all components dependent on it. If you want to remove only one component, you must run that particular uninstaller.

After uninstalling Network Configuration Manageron Windows, I still see several Network Configuration Managerproducts listed under Add/Remove Programs.

Why does it say the product is already uninstalled when I try to uninstall one of them?

When you uninstall the Core product, it automatically uninstalls the other products dependent on it.

The Add/Remove Programsscreen does not automatically refresh. Pressing F5, forces the Add/Remove Programs window to refresh, which removes the other product entries from the list.

I can see the Device Drivers under Add/Remove Programs after installing the Application Server on Windows.

Why do I need Device Drivers for an Application Server install?

An Application Server install type requires the device driver package list which comes with the Device Drivers installer.

What order should I start and stop the Network Configuration Managerservices?

Start and stop all of the Network Configuration Managerservices using the following commands.

For Linux, use the /etc/init.d/vcmasterscript

For Windows, use the [Product Home]/bin/ script.


These primary scripts will start and stop all of the services in the correct order.

What should I do if I'm having trouble opening the Network Configuration Managerclient, but other users are able to log in?

Complete the following:

  • Check that your username and password are correct, and that your account is not locked out.

  • Clear the Java cache on your client, close and reopen your browser.

  • Reconnect to the server.