The following details existing device issues that have been discovered with other releases. In most cases, a resolution is included to address the issue.

Ciena Router

  • The enable priv and enable admin passwords must be set to the same value to manage the device.

  • Only SNMP credential rolls are supported.

  • On configuration pushes (restore), the push may fail to get a verification message due to the device responding with (Destination already exists). The cause for this is not yet identified.

  • Change logs show a revision on every pull due to entering configuration mode in order to put the device into maintenance mode to save prior to transfer.

  • In order to generate a configuration backup, the device is briefly placed into maintenance mode; the effects of this on the managed device have not been investigated.

  • An FTP transfer service must be configured for this device. See “Configuring FTP Transfer Service” on page 38 for more information.