The following existing device issues have been discovered with other releases. A resolution is included to address the issue, if available.

  • As of system version R1.5, the configuration that is output from a show running-config or show startup-config cannot be pushed back to the device without significant editing, due to the following:

    • Commands that enter a subconfiguration editor, but do not exit from the subsection appropriately.

    • Commands that exit too many times from a subsection, ending configuration mode entirely, and thereby causing subsequent commands to fail.

      • Too many exit commands example:

        ip dhcp option82 policy drop 
        !End of DHCP daemon's configuration 
        ! --- eqm - BEGIN ------------------
        configure terminal 
        rack alarm-severity-profile 1
        card alarm-severity-profile 17 1 
        exit <<< Exit Config Mode 
        ! --- eqm - END--------------------- 
        no debug red-mgr 
        End <<< Exit Config Mode, too many times.
    • Use of EXEC mode syntax in configuration mode commands. For example, our test device produces the following (abridged) config:

      ¢ EXEC mode command example:
      !configdb_version 1
      hostname SG1-ARC146-VIL
      terminal length 0 <<<This is an EXEC mode command.
      login accounting-mode none
      ! start> --- tracelevel submodules swchd --- 
      debug switch vlan 3
  • Startup configuration can be changed only by use of the Copy to Start functionality after pushing to the running configuration.