The following existing device issues have been discovered with other releases. A resolution is included to address the issue, if available.

Juniper EX2500 Switch - Not Supported with Juniper Switch (EX Series) Driver

  • Juniper EX2500 models are not supported by the Juniper Switch (EX Series) device driver. Use the Juniper EX2500 Switch driver for EX2500 model support.

    Separate Push and Commit Operations

  • Previously, this driver had separate push and commit operations. Currently this is reversed, and all pushes will be committed (or rolled back) automatically at the end of the push.

    Rollback Command

  • A rollback 0 command is issued after entering global config mode, but before sending any commands.

  • Any time the driver fails to commit changes, a rollback 0 command is issued before exiting configuration mode.

    Juniper EX

  • When managing a stack of EX4200s, the system properties and hardware are shown for the primary switch only.

  • Configlets may contain config mode command-line interface commands, such as:

    set snmp contact EMCcontact

    set snmp location EMClocation

    or formatted config snippets, such as:



    contact EMCcontact

    location EMClocation


    but must not contain both formats.