After installing Network Configuration Manager, the first task you need to accomplish is to create a Network. After creating a Network, the following tasks are recommended, in the order shown:

  • Assign Device servers

  • Add Credentials

  • Schedule an Auto Discovery

  • Create Users and Groups

  • Manage Users and Groups Permissions

  • Set Network Permissions

  • Manage Network Devices


    The ability to create networks and work with users and groups is reserved for System Administrators, or those with System Administrator privileges.




  • Once the Network Configuration Manager application launches and you successfully log in, go to the Online User’s Guide(Help -> Help Contents).

  • Use the Search feature to locate and view the Creating a New Network help, and complete those steps.


Next, associate Device servers to the Network. Use the Search feature to enter Network – Device servers, and complete the steps for Assigning Device servers.


  • Continue to use Search to locate the Auto Discovery Overview help, and then click the Creating Auto Discovery Jobs link within that Help.

  • Once linked, complete the steps to Add Credentials, and then Schedule and complete the Auto Discovery.


Continue using Search to locate the procedures for Creating Users, and then Creating Groups. Complete those procedures.


Using Search, review Setting User and Group Permissions help, then complete the steps needed to Manage the permissions for Users and Groups.


Assign Users and Groups to Networks, by locating and then completing the steps in Setting Network Permissions.


Use Search to locate and access the Manage Network Devices help.


To review other tasks and functions you can complete, search for SYSTEM ADMINISTRATORS – Getting Started, or NETWORK ADMINISTRATORS – Getting Started.