This section details information for the transform definition file.

The Flat file integration adapters, Mail integration adapters, and SNMP integration adapters use a transform definition file that converts the Network Configuration Managerevent into an integration adapters specific format (such as, to a string for Flat file, a set of properties for Mail, and a Trap for SNMP).

Following is the schema for the Transform Definition.

  • Each Transformer has one or more transforms, depending on the number of events supported by the integration adapters.

  • Each Transform has one or more property nodes. Each property node can have key, value, type, and formatter attributes.

  • The attribute “key” is returned as the key in the output Properties object. The value for this key is dependent on the type of attribute.

    The following information is a brief explanation on each of the valid types, and how the other property attributes relate to that type.