One of the first things you may want to do is locate an item within the Automation Library. This feature saves you valuable time when searching for any of the following:

  • Attributed Query
  • Attributed Test
  • Data File
  • Policy
  • RegEx Test
  • Saved Command
  • Standard
  • Template
  1. With the Automation Library displayed, right-click the Library Manager to get to the Search option.
    Important: The System right-click menu also includes the Refresh feature . Use the Refresh when changes have been made to the Automation Library.
  2. The Automation Library Search window opens in the lower section of the Automation Library tree. From here, you can click the Search For: drop-down arrow, and make a selection from the listing. You can also enter a Name or enter keywords to use as search criteria.
  3. Once your search filtering is selected or entered, click Search.

    Your search Results are now displayed.

  4. To view the actual ACL197 Attributed Test (or the results of your search criteria), double-click on the item in the Results.