Config Files

From this tab ( Config Files) within the Configuration tab, you can view information on the running configuration. You can also complete tasks.

You can review the contents of the running Configuration on the right. You can also click the Details tab (on the right) to see the details of the configuration.

  • Use there Config Editor icon to access the actual editor to make any changes to the running Config, as well as viewing more information.

  • Use the New Comment  icon to add additional comments.

  • Use the Compare Configs icon to compare any two existing configurations.

  • Use the Audit Config icon to complete an Audit on the running configuration.

  • use the Manage Design Device Config File to Add or Remove running config files.


The Interfaces tab provides a listing of all the physical and logical interfaces that are configured on the selected device. The Management interface is the Interface IP used to manage the device in Network Configuration Manager. Management Interfaces can be changed from this tab.

From this tab ( Interfaces) within the Configuration tab, you can Add, Delete, or select another Interface to become the Managing Interface.

Note: You cannot add or delete an Interface anywhere but within a Workspace.

To manage the Interfaces, see How to Manage an Interface.