At the Parameters tab

Depending on the test you are using to customize for your own testing needs, there are various fields where parameter information is included.

Note: If there are no parameters associated with this test, the Parameters tab does not display within the Automation Library Editor.


Note: Along with the name of the test, you will see a description of the actual test. The text contained within the description cannot be edited.

This example of Parameters is Allow Active FTP Traffic sample test.

  1. For this test, you must fill in the appropriate values for the parameters. Hard code (manually) enter the name of the Extended ACLextend into the field.

  2. At the Access List, enter the appropriate ACL.

  3. Enter the Host IP Address in the next field.

  4. You have now completed selecting the Parameters for your test. Click Save to save the information contained in this tab.

Note: If there are other fields within the Parameters window, each field must be populated with data before your Parameter selection is complete.

Note: If you are editing a sample test or are building your own Compliance test, proceed to the next tab, Chain Compliance Steps.