When you first login to Network Configuration Manager, select the Dashboard feature (if it is not already displayed).  

  1. Click Tools

  2. Select Dashboard from the menu options.


From the Dashboard, you can:

  • View device changes that have occurred over the past 24-hours, using Change Audit

  • Launch EMC M&R

  • Work with various Quick links to go to features and functions

  • Select from Your recently opened Views of the devices

To close and then reopen the Dashboard at a later time, select Tools -> Dashboard.

Note: The Network Configuration Manager user interface has been enhanced by including a link to launch the EMC M&R user interface. This enhancement is available in the NCM Welcome screen, the Dashboard screen, and also from the "Tools" menu. During installation, if the EMC M&R IP address is provided, then the EMC M&R URL in the NCM user interface and Welcome/splash screen is updated automatically.