1. To search for All Device Classes and All Networks , keep these defaults, then click the Search Button.

  2. To narrow your search to only one Device Class or one Network, click the drop-down arrow, and select from the list of Device Classes (or Networks) displayed.

  3. To select to search for more than one Device Class ( but not all), click the corresponding Filter button to see the list of Available Device Classes.  

  4. Select the name type you are using; Device Name, Hostname, Fully Qualified Device Name (FQDN), or Alias.

  5. Enter the string into the Search String field to narrow your search, then click Search.


    Note: You can use the following wild cards when entering search strings.
    • An asterisk (*) for sequences of characters

    • A question mark (?) for a single character 

  6. View your search results at the bottom of the screen. 

You can also view the Details and the Network from this window.

Device Search Overview