To edit a shared or local credential,

  1. From the menu bar, select Tools -> System Administration.

  2. Next, select Global -> Credentials Manage, then Credentials. The Global Shared Credentials window displays, with a listing of pre-assigned, shared credentials.


    At the bottom of the window are the View Associations, Roll, Add, Edit, and Remove buttons, along with the Close option.      

  3. Select a credential from the list, then click Edit to display the Edit Shared Credential window.


  4. Make any changes to the existing information in each section, based on the Credential Type you selected when you created the credential.

  5. Click OK to save your edits.


  • The updating credentials process requires that an account be associated with a device. This account is used to establish the initial session into the device to make the credential updates.  

  • This manual process creates an association with the credential, and the local device to represent the username/password that is present on the device.  

  • If an Autodiscovery is made with an established account credential, the manual process of association is not required.  The Communication tab on a device contains the account association for the Primary In-Band mechanism.

See Global Shared Credentials Tasks for more information.