While viewing the Devices in either the Table or Diagram view, you are alerted (by the out-of-sync icon in the State column) that you have devices that are out-of-sync.

This indicates that the running configuration for a specific device is not "in sync" with the saved device configuration, and should be brought back into sync to preserve the running configuration when the application is rebooted.

There are three ways to get the device back "into sync":

  • Using the Resync button provided in the General tab of Device Properties

  • Using the Schedule Manager to complete a config pull  

  • Using the option in the Devices View right-click menu  

Important: Make sure you refresh the Devices view after each resync is completed .

Using the Resync button,

  1. To bring a single device, or multiple devices configuration back into "sync", display the devices using the Table layout.

  2. From the Navigation tree, display the listing of devices to determine if you have any devices out of sync, as indicated by the icon outofsync_iconin the State column.  

  3. Next, select that single device, or select multiple devices from the list, then click the Properties icon on the menu bar.


    Note: This Resync button is only available if there are any "out-of-sync devices" in the Device list.


  4. With the Device Properties displayed, go to the General tab.  With the device selected, click the Resync button.  The Schedule Push Job window opens, where you complete the information needed for the push job.


  5. See Schedule Push Job for details on how to complete this action, including how to work with each tab.

  6. After the application completes a Config pull (to bring the device configuration into sync) select the Refresh icon to refresh your Devices view.

Note: The device is no longer in the "out-of-sync" state in the Devices View. This indicates that the device's running configuration is now identical to the start-up configuration .