In selecting the variables, you can view inquiries related to the variables within the templates. If two or more tests are selected that contain the same variable, the values entered are then used for the other tests.

You can select variables to use in precondition, check pattern, remedy configlet, or remedy comment for a check pattern test, and in the attributed test.  

The following types of variables are supported:

Basic - which requires input from you

  • String

  • Password

  • Numeric

  • IPv4 Address

  • Mask

  • CIDR

  • Regular Expression ??

List Entry - Requires input from you

  • Strings

  • Passwords

  • Numerals

  • IP Addresses

Non-parameterized Reference Variables - Require no user input

Example: Device management IP, Device Server IP

Parameterized Reference Variables - Requires user input in order to resolve reference variable

Example: Interface IP Address (requires user to select the interface)