Network Configuration Manager has a robust Auto-Discovery capability which can find the devices on a network, categorize them, and determine the communication methods available for management of the devices.   

Before your network devices can be managed in Network Configuration Manager they must first be discovered. The process by which devices are entered into the application for management is known as Auto Discovery. Auto Discovery associates network devices with a Network Configuration Manager device server and your networks.

  • Auto Discovery jobs can be created and scheduled by System and Network Administrators, and are associated with individual networks.  

  • Jobs are maintained under the Network folder in the System Administration module. Each network has its own Auto Discovery module.  

  • If you have more than one network configured in Network Configuration Manager, Auto Discovery should be scheduled for each network.  

  • Auto Discovery can be set to run on a scheduled cycle, eliminating the need to "remember" to run Auto Discovery.  

  • Auto Discovery uses the Schedule Manager to push scheduled Auto Discovery jobs to the networks. Scheduling allows Auto Discovery to run at the best time, based on your network's requirements.    

  • Only devices in the IP range of an Auto Discovery job are attempted to be discovered. When a device is discovered, Network Configuration Manager identifies its device type, based on the supported device types within the system.  

  • If the device is not one of the types listed as significant in the Auto-Managed devices window, the device is ignored.  

  • Only devices with IPs in the include range of an Auto Discovery job that are of a device type listed in Auto-Managed Devices, will be managed into the network.

Important: Auto discovery jobs cannot be created until at least one device server is associated with the network

Auto Discovery Associations

The following graphic displays the associations with Auto Discovery