Data Fields are used to create attributes, and to assign values to devices.

  1. From the Tools menu bar, select Data Field Manager .


  2. At the Data Field Manager window, click the Add  icon to open the Add Data Field window.


  3. Click the Edit only by System Administrator check box if you want this field to only be edited by the System Administrator.

  4. Enter a Field Name, and then use the drop-down to select a Type.

  5. Next, enter a Default value.

  6. Click the check box is you want this field to be displayed (click Displayable).

  7. Click the check box is you want this to be Read Only.

  8. Select if this field is to be Viewable and/or Editable.

  9. Enter a Description if needed.

  10. Next at the Attribute of Resources portion of the window, check the appropriate check boxes where you want the Data Field to be associated with.

  11. Click Ok.

  12. The new data field is now added to the list of existing fields in the window.