A consistent naming convention for the Devices is now provided. This ensures that the name of the device remains constant throughout naming-related operations, such as Search, Resync, and Filtering.

The Device Name of a device is the name you view and use to work with the Device throughout Network Configuration Manager.

Previously, a device name could be one of the following:

  • hostname

  • FQDN

  • Alias

However, using these as the actual device names did not ensure that there was a consistent name used for the device when completing naming-related operations. For example, when using Search, the device name could also be classified as the hostname, or the device Alias, or FQDN.

Now, there is only one device name to use when searching for the device. This device name is still derived from a hostname, a device Alias or a FQDN, but now you have the ability to control which of these three options you want to use as the device name. You can now designate the device name as a device Alias, a hostname, or FQDN by using the Device Naming Scheme.