The Compliance Audit tool allows you to create standards and tests used to compare with configured devices . Devices that are out-of-compliance are not configured correctly, and must be put  into compliance using this tool.

Note: Compliance Audit can be executed on one or more devices.

From the right-click menu in the Devices View, you can access the Compliance Audit tool for any device that is in the out-of-compliance state.

  1. In the Device View, select one or more devices, then right-click to get the Device options.

  2. Select Compliance Audit from the menu.


  3. The Select Item window opens. From here, select the Location, then select the item.



  4. After making your selection, click Open. The Compliance Audit Results window opens.

As you can see in the above example, the state for the device selected is Non-Compliant. The lower section (Audit Details) allows you to view the details of the audit results if needed.

The icons located in the top left allow for the following:

  • View in tree format

  • View in a list

  • Expand the selected view

  • Collapse the selected view

  • View the results of a selected device