Network Configuration Manager offers a number of Templates that contain pre-defined contents. You can use a pre-defined Template to create a customized template .


  1. Once you have accessed the Templates folder, expand the folder, and review the number of pre-defined templates.


  2. Pause your cursor over each Template to get a description of the contents of the Template.

  3. Now, select the Template you want to copy. Once selected, right-click on the Template, then select Copy.


  4. At the Select Destination window, select where you want to store this Template. Click Ok when you have selected the destination.


  5. Now, go to the destination where you stored the template to ensure it was successfully stored.

Important: When templates are created that can be used for more than one network, but are not suitable for all networks , a copy of a template can be created and placed in only those networks where that template can be used.