The following variables needs to be set in file present at the following location: [ProductDirectory]/ncmcore/webapps/ncm-webapp/samples/J2EE/conf
#Replace the <server-ip> with the actual IP Address of the NCM server.
#Replace the username and password values with the actual ones.
The cc.remoting.servlet.base URL in J2EE samples folder is changed from https (secure) to http by default. This is to bring performance improvement for J2EE API calls. To make the J2EE API calls secure, please follow below steps:
  1. Open <VOYENCE_HOME>/ncmcore/webapps/ncm-webapp/samples/J2EE/conf/
  2. Modify the below lines from cc.remoting.sevlet.base=http://<server-ip>:8881/ncm-webapp/remoting/ to cc.remoting.servlet.base=https://<server-ip>8880/ncm-webapp/remoting/.